Mindfulness practices to support your mental health, so that you may live vibrantly + well!

Katie Pietsch (Peaches Yoga) x The Spiritual Marketer

Sunday 29th May, 8:30 am - 9:30 am

@ Henley Beach Square

  • Uncover your purpose

  • Re-align your mindset

  • Learn easy, effective mindfulness techniques

  • Be empowered to take ownership of your Mental Health

The point of mindfulness is to get closer to the human experience, so that we may live vibrantly and well.

In this workshop, we will chat mindfulness, sip chai & allow the dust of life to settle.

You will be guided through various mindfulness practices to uncover or re-define your soul purpose, draw your awareness into the present moment and realign your mindset.

We will explore some key physiological concepts of mindfulness before diving into some easy, yet effective mindfulness techniques that will help you to understand and optimise your mental health.

These evidence-based tools will be of lifelong value, forever accessible to you on or off your mat. This workshop will leave you feeling revitalised and empower you to take ownership of your Mental Health throughout the ebb and flow of this beautiful journey we call life.

Facilitator: Katie Pietsch

Investment: $15, warm chai included

Bookings: Limited spaces, payment will secure your spot

BYO: Picnic rug/towel to lay on & cosy clothes