YOGA | MEDITATION | MINDFULNESS classes with Peaches Yoga

  • 45 minutes
  • 1 x $150 / 4 x $525
  • IN HOUSE | ONLINE via Zoom

Service Description

Missing that pre-COVID sense of connectedness? Ready to take ownership for the wellness of your workplace? After delving into Yoga and Meditation, ‘rest’ was quickly exposed as more than just a band-aid to combat absenteeism and segregation. Rest is the first step towards inviting a sense of ease back to the Mindbody. Now, with years of first-had experience and a plethora of qualifications in movement, wellness and mental health modalities, I'm here to bring you them Nam-a-ste at Work feels. It's more than just a yoga class, it’s a movement, a 4-week Holistic Wellness program tailored to your workplace. The impact that restoration has on our individual potential is so often underestimated and undervalued in the corporate world, but it really doesn’t take much to achieve easy, consistent, sustainable restoration. Studies by iRest show the cascading shift to employees’ nervous systems and anxiety levels in just 4 weeks as employers take the steps towards reversing the negative effects of stress. 4-Week Wellness Program $525 - 4 x 45-minute weekly sessions. - New intakes commencing the first week of each month. Most of your colleagues are still working from home or remotely? No stress - we also run live and online via Zoom! Teaser Session $150 - 1 x 45 minute yoga and meditation class You’re no stranger to those last-minute meetings or corporate surprises popping up? We get that - book a one-off teaser instead. There will always be times when our minds are cluttered, so as we begin to transition from home back into the office, it’s more important now than ever that we foster a space for positive change and growth. By taking these small, consistent steps each week to connect with ourselves we become so much more efficient as a community in building momentum throughout the stagnation of isolation and the winter months. When you consider that 9/10 employees believe a mentally healthy workplace is important, it’s easy to see the value of wellness become tangible - do it for the people. Book now. T&C – Payment required prior to the commencement of the chosen program 24 hour notice to cancel / reschedule a session

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