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Bees Wax Wraps - DIY

Its estimated about 13,000 pieces of plastic floating on every square km of ocean surface¹ and it takes these plastic bags/wraps etc about 1,000 years to break down… also, the average house hold uses about 24 rolls of plastic wrap a year.

Stop screwing the year 3019? Bees wax wraps.


60g Pure Bees Wax 2 TBS Jojoba Oil* ¼ cup coconut oil* 2m2 pure cotton fabric old sauce jar / masonry jar pastry brush coat hanger

Cut fabric to desired size** Pre-heat oven to 150°c, line baking tray with baking paper Place jar in a pot of boiling water, melt pine resin and wax in jar

Add oils, stir to combine

Place fabric pieces on tray (can fold in half for larger pieces) and drizzle with melted wax mix Heat in oven for a min, take out and spread was with pastry brush, add more oil if there’s any dry sections and return to oven for a min to smooth wax out Hang wax wrap over a coat hanger to cool


2-3 drops of wild orange or lemon essential oils Swap pine rosin for coconut oil, but halve the amount of Jojoba oil*

TIPS: * Pine Rosin Vs. Coconut oil: Pine rosin is used to give your bees wax wraps their stickiness. It does however, come with the warning that prolonged skin contact with the solid state can cause dermatitis. For this, environmental reasons and to be honest I couldn’t source it without ordering online and waiting for it to arrive… I originally substituted in coconut oil which I found worked well. It was cleaner during DIY stage but a lot messier post production, starting to ball and become flaky after a few weeks of use – smelt good though! This option was still super sticky but does leave residue on your bowls. Next time round I snagged a bag of sustainably sourced Pine rosin from Eco Warehouse (it even came with a cute thank you note) albeit messier to work with the finish is much more impressive!

** Measure to the size of your most commonly used plates and bowls, as well as some smaller ones for cheese, sandwiches, avocado and onion halves etc


Apiaries 8 – 100% pure bees wax, $5.40 per 30g - Bunnings Jojoba oil, $8.50 per 100g - ECO Warehouse Pine Rosin, $4.50 per 100g – ECO Warehouse Cotton fabric squares, 4 pack, $16 - Lincraft Raw-C organic coconut oil, $5 - Coles

By Katie Pietsch

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¹ United Nations Environment Program, 2010, Distribution of Marine Litter, http://www.unep.org/ regionalseas/marinelitter/about/distribution/default.asp

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