• Katie Pietsch

Mitigate Social-Anxiety post lockdown in 3 easy steps!

As excited as you are to re-connect with your friends and family, you may notice that there is a little more anxiety or stress linked to these social interactions.

Know that this is completely normal! But why, you ask?

  • The amygdala (“ah-MIG-dah-la”small pea-sized part of the brain) increases in volume during stressful times, which may inhibit our social skills

  • Focused attention style meditation (mindfulness) has been shown to reduce the activity of the amygdala, bringing us back to a state of calm & social ease

Our mindfulness practice can assist us not only in calming our stress senses but also in broadening our perspective of what is true in each moment. So that we can be more compassionate to ourselves and those around us. This could be especially useful as we begin the transition from such heavy covid restrictions.

A common simple technique is to anchor your mind into your body through the use of your breath. Try this:

  1. Can you feel your diaphragm deepen into your belly as you breathe in?

  2. Can you feel the movement of your belly that corresponds to your breath?

  3. Can you tune into the song of your lifeforce, the sound of your breath?

If it helps, close your eyes & invite yourself to relax away from thought, to loosen the grip of your mind by breathing your mind into your body. As you're probably aware this isn’t always the easiest task and sometimes it won’t feel accessible at all. So, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. When we latch onto a particular thought we fragment our reality

  2. Our minds like to create stories around that fragment of reality that can limit our perspective

  3. Don't believe everything your mind tells you! There can be multiple truths in every moment

Let me know how this lands for you & happy re-connecting Melbourne!

I've missed you,

Katie xx

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