• Katie Pietsch

Soften the Hold, find your flow this Spring!

Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that when we are 'In Flow' during Spring, good health will follow us for the rest of the seasons.

As we begin to enjoy the expansiveness of revitalised energy and fresh intention we can often uncover pockets of tension or residual holding left over from our hibernation state of the winter season, or in this year's case - lockdown!

When we hit these niggles, it’s the deeply ingrained pathways of our minds that love to magnetise us towards our past, most common traits.

It is this path of least resistance that is enslaving us to a restricted personality, halting our flow, closing the door to a world of possibility.

Mindfulness here is the key; So perhaps your intention for this Spring season could be to - Soften the hold…

Begin to notice:

- The feedback from your body; areas of ease and discomfort

- The subtle shifts to the rhythm of breath

- Your initial emotional reactions; resentment, irritation, hope, bliss

Let your attention rest with these sensations as you soften any holding.

It's this practice of awareness, the ‘becoming aware’ of awareness itself that cultivates the flexibility to rewrite even our deepest neural pathways, guiding us back toward the open plane of possibilities.

An endless space where our creative potential can blossom and flow freely with the warmer months.

Soften the hold.

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Seeds for thought -

In his talk, lifestyle practitioner & Yoga Teacher Howard Napper explores the fascinating notion that the human body is less a permanent structure and more a regenerating organism that exists in a constant state of flux, where old cells are constantly being replaced by new cells. And how our lifestyle, and the moment-to-moment choices we make can affect this biological remodelling for better or worse.

Continuing his series on the Four Noble Truths, Joseph begins a discussion of the second step on the noble Eightfold Path, Right Thought, and offers a fresh look at the practice of renunciation. Joseph discusses the role of Right Thought in our practice. He looks at the how freedom from attachment is integral to Right Thought and the power of renunciation in doing so.

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