• Katie Pietsch

Yoga for Resting Bitch Face ... or anyone who pours over a computer all day!

If you’re like me, you may have simply accepted the curse that is 'resting bitch face', will grace your everyday life.

It wasn’t until I started teaching yoga that I, for lack of a better word realised the issue and developed a new level of respect for my previous teachers - apparently I’ve been glaring at them for years... (I swear I’m a lovely person in real life!)

On average the minimum number of muscles it takes to smile is about 10, whereas a small frown 'resting bitch face' might only take about 6… so without realising, my face seems to take the easiest path, while the rest of my body goes about contorting itself into whack pretzel like shapes.

How to beat it?... Why would you want to?

Every minute of our waking and sleeping lives we feel thousands of sensations that can trigger positive and negative emotions orrrrrr, wait for it - No Emotional Response a.k.a resting bitch face!

This lack of emotional response is likely to be displayed through the muscles of the face as a result of being ‘in the zone’

You yogis out there might prefer to call it the flow state. That timeless state of pure concentration, creativity and productivity.

For the non-yogis - perhaps you recognise it as that one hour of your working day where your sole focus is actually smashing out all your tasks and chances are you’re performing at your best. So, I’m sure your employers will be happy to sacrifice a smile on your dial for your most inspired work.

The downside:

It's so deeply ingrained in our society that we always have to be displaying ourselves as an image or with a particular persona to the world around us, so whether it be that face of deep concentration or the friendliest smile ever, we are often left with residual energy and tension throughout the face.

Over activation of these muscles can result not only in tenderness or pain through the neck, shoulders and jaw but also in a lack of quality sleep.

How to embrace Resting Bitch Face in daily life:

Allow yourself not only mental, but muscular breaks throughout your day!

Here's 10 minutes of Yoga that you could find really useful;

So sit back and take a break for you, because you deserve a moment to ease your 'resting bitch face'.

Katie x


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